Catch up on all the jobs

Friday 15 March 2013

This morning I am trying to catch up on all the jobs that have been on my "must do" list and adding to my "blurb" is at the top of the page!..

I am STILL working on upgrading our website, I need a quiet room with lots of coffee for that though so it is still a while away.

Autumn is making herself known, the trees are starting to change and the colours are amazing.

We are offering great special discount deals on the over the next few months so plan ahead and book now to take advantage of our promotion.

We are a great place to stay in the winter season, our beds are awesome and the bath to soak in after a day in the Mountains is pure bliss. Our location is ideal,you dont need a car because we are close to all the bus stops and only 700 metres to the centre of Queenstown.

Go on, grab those cheap flights to Queenstown and book your room now, it will give you something to look forward to as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

I better get some more jobs done, which leads me to my thought for the day.
I first heard this about 25 years ago, its an oldie but a goodie and I remind myself of it whenever I need to...

My thought for the day is:

"You can eat an elephant a bite at a time"

Cheers everyone,


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