Good afternoon everyone

Saturday 31 August 2013

Good afternoon everyone...

Pete has just returned home from a great morning skiing at Coronet Peak. He went yesterday too and reckons its the best the snow has been so far this season!

Our special deals are still available, give us a call on 0800 661 6683 and we will match the wotif special deals we are promoting if you prefer to talk to us instead of using a computer to do your bookings.

Spring is here and looking beautiful! Our daffodils and other bulbs are blooming, the neighbours lovely old Magnolia tree is full of magnificent flowers, the plum tree is blossoming and the lovely blue skies and sunshine just add to the picture perfect environment we are so lucky to live in.

The warmer weather and the lengthening daylight makes Springtime in the Mountains a great place to be.

My hint for today is:

Remember to ask about car parking and wifi when you are deciding where to stay...
A lot of places, especially the big hotels are charging for using wifi and if you have a car you can be charged $20.00 a day to park! (Makes our rooms excellent value, not only do you get over 50 sky channels but unlimited free wifi and free parking close to your room.

See you soon,

All the best,


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