I love the Spring

Saturday 7 September 2013

Hi again,

Hard to believe it is already September and that daylight saving starts again on the 29th of this month.

I love the Spring, to me she brings lambs and daffodils, warm days and lots of blossom...Pete loves this time of year because you see the classic cars come out of their garages and taken on tour! (Our office is a lot like a model car shop, if I remember correctly there are about 80 of his collection of 1:18 scale cars on display).

Anyway, back to my blurb...

Make sure if you are a car enthusiast that you stop at the new and amazing Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, you'll love it and the Nose Restaurant is great too.
If you don't have a car it is easy to get there by bus from Queenstown, we can help you with that. For more info go to www.highlands.co.nz

My hint for today comes from one of our guests and is:

Remember to ask the approximate cost of a taxi from town to where you are thinking of staying at when you plan your holiday. You could easily spend $50 a day more than you need to by staying further out whereas when you stay with us, you are only 700 metres away and if you are fit and healthy you can easily walk it. You don't even need a car when you stay at Queenstown Motel Apartments!

Cheers all until next time,


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