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Monday 14 October 2013

Hello everyone!

In this post I am going to explain why we encourage you to wait until you get to Queenstown Motel Apartments before booking your sightseeing trips and to let us make your reservations for you...

We have lived here in Queenstown for over forty years and have been Moteliers since the late 1970s. We have excellent local knowledge and have selected our favourite suppliers on their value and customer service NOT for commissions.

Today some of our guests had a very bad experience with a day bus trip to Milford Sound that they had booked well in advance. They had to walk to a nearby hotel to get picked up and when they got there discovered there were two hotels with the same name and they were at the wrong one...The bus didn't have the promised windows in the roof, the air conditioning wasn't working and the windows fogged up so much they couldn't see anything anyway! To add insult to injury the toilet didn't work and some of the passengers had to "go behind some bushes." The road was closed while they were on route to Milford Sound (nothing the bus company could do about that) so they had to turn back but they then had to wait on some passengers coming on a connecting bus meaning they were probably an hour later getting back to Queenstown.

I was dismayed to hear their experiences, they are staying with us for 4 days and we could have easily helped them when they arrived by checking the weather and deciding the best day for the Milford Sound trip, booking them on a tour that was considerably cheaper, a company who pick up our guests from our driveway and would have explained to us if the bus was not of the usual high standard so we could find an alternative so our guests are not disappointed.

(I have their permission to write about their day so our future guests can learn from them.)

Please, we don't want you to have anything but awesome memories of your visit to our beautiful region.

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