SNOW***SNOW*** and more SNOW***

Sunday 25 May 2014

Hello everyone,

Winter has arrived!

It's snowing...Perfect timing for the opening of Coronet Peak, scheduled for Saturday the 7th of June.

Pete and Hartley are counting down the days and are looking forward to getting up to Coronet Peak to enjoy the snow (both the skiing and the socialising!).

We have some awesome deals available, the best are on here (our own webpage) so grab a cheap flight and base yourself here at Queenstown Motel Apartments for a winter holiday.

The Winter Festival is always a great time. Starting on Friday the 20th of June, running through until the 29th it is heaps of fun and lots of exciting things to do. Known officially as the "American Express Queenstown Winter Festival", you can find out more by going to

It is hard to believe we are celebrating 40 years of winter festival partying this year, Pete and I were around when it was in its beginnings. Things have changed a lot since those days and winter festival is proof of the saying my friend and lawyer back in those days said "It only takes one good idea Dianne."

(I watched the beginning of AJ Hackett Bungy years later and remembered his wise words). Of course there is a lot of effort and hard work goes into good ideas and the Winter Festival relies heavily on unpaid volunteers from our local community. Thanks guys.

It has been an interesting time since I last posted on my blog...You may have noticed we have had some negative comments about us and our property on trip advisor recently (in between the usual excellent ones we get) and I have even responded to a couple? There is still one that requires an explanation but I still prefer not to "go public" if I can help it. Fortunately we seldom have problem guests who are drunk and so loud and obnoxious we need to evict them. The,sad news is we had to on two separate occasions in the past month... The good news is we have only had to do it three times in the twenty one years we have owned this property!

My quote for this post is a Chinese Proverb:

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones"

All the best til next time!



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