Daylight Saving has started...

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Hi friends and future guests.

It is already the last day of September and daylight saving has started, yahoo!

This time of year is always one of my favorites, mostly because I love seeing all the new spring growth. Taking a scenic drive around the Southern countryside is beautiful with lots of green grass and lambs and daffodils everywhere...

Imagine blue skies, white clouds lots of sunshine and blossom of all colours, well that is what we have in Central Otago and the Lakes District most days at this time of the year.

Have I convinced you yet? Go on,grabaseat or similar, come to Queenstown and stay with us.

We have great rates (as I keep reminding you) on our secure booking page on this, our own website and have plenty of special deals still available over the coming months so take a well deserved and affordable break, you'll love staying with us! Remember our "points of difference"... we have 50+ sky tv guest select channels (including all sports) unlimited free wifi available in your room, sitting in the garden or on your balcony for throughout the length of your stay and we are a locally owned and operated family business

Where have I been lately you have been asking, how come I haven't been on my "blog" keeping you in touch? Well, the truth is I had a significant birthday so I slipped out of town for a quiet celebration with Pete and my Mum. We have lots of family with their birthdays all within two and a half weeks of each other so we are away to visit them at Oamaru this weekend...I am so excited, my niece, her husband and two children have been living in the USA for a couple of years so the children have grown lots and have the cutest accents, I can't wait to see them again.

I realised too late that I had forgotten to finish with my thought/ hint for the post last time so I have made sure I included one this time!

My hint for this post is :

Use "screenshot" on your smartphone, ipad or similar to keep a record of important information (such as your on line booking confirmations) and take photos of any documentation you might want with you on your holiday. Easy to access at any time from your photos anywhere, no wifi needed!
Awesome isn't it? ( I have to thank our Vanessa for sharing that bright idea)

All the best to you until next time,


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