Another Beautiful Spring

Saturday 30 September 2017

I always love this time of year. We have all our Spring Bulbs and Blossom Trees at peak colour and perfume now.

Over the winter we have been kept busy filling the sugar water feeders in our back yard for the tuis, bellbirds and waxeyes. We have photos of over 20 tuis in the tree, as you can imagine, the birdsong is amazing. We find we can sit watching and listening to them for hours and I have decided that the tui feeders were the best bits of plastic we've bought in a long time!
We are glad we planted trees that our native birds like and now our kowhai tree and cabbage trees are mature enough for them.

We are really pleased with the lovely positive comments we are receiving now we have updated 3 of the alpha wing units... It is always a bit of a worry for me when we do new builds or alterations because I cant get my head around plans but our builders did a great job for us and the new bathrooms and kitchenettes are awesome.
All we need to do now is get some photos taken so we can update the website pictures. I will get Hartley to help me, I'm not that good with things like that!

We only have one unit, our own house and the office in the alpha wing needing work on now. We had hoped to have the office done this year but we had to put it off, we had enough to do without even more disruption.

My hint for this post is:

Pack your comfy walking shoes so you can leave your car parked for free in our yard and walk to town. It is easier and less stressful than trying to find a park and a taxi home is cheaper than the cost of the park...
25 years ago I said on our brochure it was a 5 minute walk to town. 15 years ago I said it took 7 minutes and these days I've noticed I'm taking maybe 10 or even longer! One thing that hasn't changed, its still only 700 metres away!

Thanks for staying with us

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