Winter has arrived!

Friday 22 June 2018

Hello again everybody.

I love the winter solstice! This year was especially exciting with it also being the start of the Queenstown Winter Festival. It's hard to believe this is the 44th year of this event heralding the beginning of the winter season.

Pete and I remember the 'good old days' when it first started. Things have changed so much since then, the 'events' of those days were certainly different...Gone are the days of the competitive knitting, the world famous cow pat throwing, the chicken plucking competitions and the beer drinking races...(at least knitting is still considered to be politically correct in 2018!)

Our family will soon have a very special occasion to celebrate. It will be 25 years on the 1st of July since we bought this property and we have been operating it daily since then. I think we might be the only second generation family owned and operated motel accommodation business in Queenstown, and one of only a few that I can think of who are scattered around the South Island.

When we bought here in 1993 we changed the name from FAB to Alpha Lodge. The many changes we have made makes it difficult to remember how it was back then, the only thing that is still the same is our office and our living quarters! We have always put our energy and money into our guests rooms and are delighted with the improvements we have made over the years.

Our best and proudest achievement was building our studio rooms in 2004. Our son Hartley ( a ski instructor at that time) helped build them over the summer. He enjoyed learning off our great builders so much that he decided to become a qualified builder himself. He now is working here, in the business. I love that I can say he helped to build the room you are staying in. Quite unusual I think!

Thank you for your encouragement to keep blogging, I am glad you enjoy them. Please remember to get a copy of Vanessas foodies guide so you can enjoy your dining out experiences while you stay with us. We enjoy helping with restaurant recommendations because we believe life is too short to eat anything but the best and that the best doesn't have to mean the most expensive fine dining you've ever had!

I'm off now to watch the fireworks, hope to see you soon.

All the best,


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